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Loving this! Upload your photos and create a sliding
collage of your photos. You can even crop and
do cut outs of your photos for some really nifty
effects. When embedding select from thumbnail,
window (as show to the right) or full screen width
(very effective - my favourite!)

Animoto provides you with a quick and simple
way to turn you photos and short video clips
into amazingly presented videos with music.
There are astack of themes to choose from.
As an educatoryou can apply for an educator's
account whichgives you access to unlimited
length videos and also 50 free student accounts.

Another photo to video online program which is
free and simple to use.

Kizoa converts your photos to videos but also
gives you some added extra features not
available with Animoto and PhotoPeach. If you
have the time you can add backgrounds, stickers
and animations to each of your slides. You can
also select your own transitions between each
photo. Kizoa is free but paying a small premium
membership gives you access to more stickers,
backgrounds, animations and transition effects.

Upload your pdfs or powerpoint presentations
to slideshare and then embed them into your
wikipage.A great way to showcase student work
on the wikipage.

Slideboom allows you to upload your PowerPoint
presentations and then embed them on your
wikipage. Slideboom is better than slideshare in
that it shows all transition and animation effects
used in the PowerPoint presention, unlike

Issuu is a great way to create flipping page ebooks.
Upload your pdf document and select from a scrolling
presentation or a page flipping book. You have control
over the size, audience and theme. In addition you
can add audio to the ebook. Very easy to embed.

Youblisher is another site that allows you to create flipping
page ebooks. When you embed you can choose a large or
small thumbnail which opens in a full screen window as an
interactive flipbook. The added bonus is there are no ads or
links to other books using this site.
iPad Apps for Education
Got some music/story/news item you want to put
on your wikipage to share with parents? Simply upload
it to audioboo and it will convert it inot an embeddable
online player for your site. There is also an app for your
iphone so you can record and save directly to your
online account from your phone.
Easter Hat (mp3)